Company Fact Sheet


Phoslock Environmental Technologies

Australian Business Number:

ABN 88 099 555 290

Business Description:

Phoslock listed on the ASX in August 2002 (ASX: PET). The Company produces an environmentally-friendly product used in algae management.

Ordinary Shares on Issue:



Australian Securities Exchange, code: PET

Head Office:

Suite 403, 25 Lime Street
Sydney NSW 2000, Australia
Telephone: + 61 2 8014 7611
Fax: + 61 2 8014 7625

Board of Directors:

Laurence Freedman AM (Chairman)
Robert Schuitema (Managing Director)
Mrs Brenda Shanahan (Non Executive Director)
Mr Zhigang Zhang (Non Executive Director)

Senior Management:

Robert Schuitema (Managing Director & Company Secretary)
Nigel Traill (General Manager – Europe, North & South America)
Andrew Winks (General Manager – Operations)
Ting Shan Liu (刘廷善) (General Manager – Phoslock Beijing)
Zhao Peng (Jason) Hai ( 海兆鹏) (Manager – Changxing Factory)
Dr Sarah Groves (General Manager – Technical)
Yan Fai (Chris) Hui (Group Accountant)