15 Oct 2020

A Site for Sore Eyes: Phoslock’s Application in the Dolomites Region, Northern Italy

Phoslock applications have taken place in numerous locations around the world – some big, some small. Whilst the same focus and commitment is applied to all jobs, occasionally one cannot help but stand back… Read more
12 Oct 2020

From 2007 to 2020: Another successful Phoslock Application at West Lake, Perth

Over the course of the week starting October 5th, Phoslock completed a 20-tonne application in West Lake, Perth, WA. This marked Phoslock’s 15th application in the Narrows since 2007. West Lake is a 2.5… Read more
24 Sep 2020

Botswana: Cyanobacteria now proven to have caused tragic death of over 300 elephants

Global warming and shrinking water holes. The mysterious discovery from the air of over 300 elephant carcasses, back in July of this year, sent alarm bells ringing to conservationists within Africa and much further… Read more
22 Sep 2020

Three years on: positive results for Lac Bromont

“The ACBVLB is an organization whose mission is to protect and rehabilitate the health of Lake Bromont and the ecosystems of its watershed” Three years after an application of Phoslock, the results are looking… Read more
10 Sep 2020

WORLD RESOURCES INSTITUTE: Interactive map of eutrophication and hypoxia

The World Resources Institute has provided an interactive World Map that shows reported cases of eutrophication and hypoxia both past and present. Periodic hypoxia has been documented in areas such as Florida since the… Read more
07 Sep 2020

Yutan Reservoir

In late 2019, Phoslock China met with local officials after Phoslock was highly recommended as a suitable control measure for Yutan Reservoir. Shortly after this, due to COVID-19, progress with this project was temporarily… Read more