Questions received online during 25 May 2020 AGM

May 26th, 2020 by Mchael Kotowicz

Shareholder Question 1 

Q: When in the future do you foresee the company paying a dividend?

A: The Board will periodically look at the financial performance of the company, along with cash balances, to determine declaring a dividend. In the near term, the Board views the opportunities to grow our international markets for Phoslock®  as the immediate priority for the Company’s resources.

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Austrade – Success Stories: PET

May 14th, 2020 by Mchael Kotowicz

Phoslock’s water treatment technologies and bespoke engineering solutions are helping authorities around the world to maintain healthy water environments.

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Warragamba Dam was offline to Sydney due to ash and debris from recent rain events

February 18th, 2020 by Dr Sarah Groves

An article was published in The Canberra Times on Sunday stating that WaterNSW are closely monitoring Sydney’s main water supply after recent heavy rain washed ash and debris into Warragamba dam.

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Contamination of Sydney’s water supplies by nutrients after the bushfires

January 16th, 2020 by Dr Sarah Groves

Within the last month The Sydney Morning Herald (SMH) has published two articles (December 13th and January 14th) on the concern for the health of Sydney’s drinking water reservoirs after the unprecedented bush fire season.

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Production now 24/7

October 10th, 2019 by Blog Author

The Phoslock Changxing Factory has been working around the clock, including the recent China National Holiday week to deliver product for immediate application
to the East Lake (Donghu) project in Wuhan (announced 1 October, 2019).

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Laurence Freedman AM interviewed - Article published in South China Morning Post Newspaper

May 27th, 2019 by Dr Sarah Groves

An article has been recently published in the South China Morning Post outlining the work that PET has been undertaken in China and the impact that Phoslock is having on polluted Chinese water bodies (See article below).

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Treatment of European Drinking Water Reservoir

April 17th, 2019 by Dr Sarah Groves

A large-scale potable water supply reservoir in Western Europe was treated with Phoslock during March.  The treatment was the first stage in a two stage project, with a second application planned for June 2019.  The total value of the project is more than A$400,000.

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Article in Canadian News – The Phoslock application at Lake Bromont in 2017 was a success

March 14th, 2019 by Dr Sarah Groves

Phoslock was applied to Lake Bromont in Quebec, Canada in later October/early November in 2017. 174 tonnes of Phoslock was applied to capture 1728 kilograms of phosphorus.

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PET admitted to the ASX All Ordinaries Index

March 11th, 2019 by Dr Sarah Groves

The Australian Stock Exchange (ASX) announced that Phoslock Environmental Technologies Limited (PET) is being added to the ASX All Ordinaries index effective 18 March, 2019.

The All Ordinaries or "All Ords" is considered a total market barometer for the Australian stock market and contains the 500 largest ASX listed companies by way of market capitalisation.

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An application of Phoslock to the Serpentine Lake in London’s Hyde Park took place last week

February 18th, 2019 by Dr Sarah Groves

Phoslock was first applied to the lake in 2012 to improve water quality for the triathlon and long distance swimming events at the London Olympics.

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A Blue Green Algae toxin linked to Motor Neurone Disease is found in Australian water.

February 12th, 2019 by Dr Sarah Groves

A news story on Sunday night’s Channel 10 news program The Sunday Project (and the resulting article) has reported that a toxin (BMAA), thought to be linked with Motor Neurone Disease (MND), has been found in a number of lakes and rivers around Australia.

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Phoslock application to Gold Coast Lake attracting media coverage

January 14th, 2019 by Dr Sarah Groves

Lake Hugh Muntz is an eutrophied lake situated on the Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia. The lake
has been closed on a number of occasions due to the growth of harmful algal blooms. These have
been caused by poor water quality and high nutrient loads entering the pond.

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A world first: North American research has reportedly determined the “tipping point” for the safe concentration of phosphorus in a water shed.

December 6th, 2018 by Dr Sarah Groves

Scientists at the Université de Montréal have found for the first time that they can calculate a maximum amount of phosphorus that can be added to a watershed before it becomes a an environmental problem.

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Clean water: economic and social cost of providing safe, clean water in Australia

November 26th, 2018 by Dr Sarah Groves

The supply of clean water is a hot topic around the world. Australia has gone through one of its worst droughts and according to NSW farmers...

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Long hot summers in 2018 have increased occurrence of cyanobacteria blooms in lakes around the world

October 22nd, 2018 by Dr Sarah Groves

A number of articles have been posted on the internet about the environmental effects of a long hot summer in 2018. This article is a summary of some of those.

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PET Managing Director will be presenting at the Australian Microcap Investment Conference

October 15th, 2018 by Dr Sarah Groves

PET Managing Director will be presenting at the Australian Microcap Investment Conference on Wednesday 17th October, 2018.

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Article published on Phoslock Environmental Technologies move to commercialise Chinese wetland project

October 10th, 2018 by Dr Sarah Groves

An article published at summarises the successful application of Phoslock and other nutrient control measures to a Chinese canal. “Given the substantial need for water remediation in China, Phoslock launched its Beijing operations last year with a view of carrying out design, engineering, and implementation using remediation materials for rivers, canals, reservoirs and lakes along with construction of wetland areas”.

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Phoslock is being used in test systems removing phosphorous from agricultural runoff in Ontario, Canada

August 13th, 2018 by Dr Sarah Groves

A group of proactive Canadian farmers have teamed up with several government organisations to further investigate agricultural phosphorous runoff. […]

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11 Year High for Phoslock

August 3rd, 2018 by By Victor Bivell, editor of Eco Investor Magazine

In late July shares in Phoslock Water Solutions, soon to be Phoslock Environmental Technologies, reached an 11 year high of 46.5 cents. This is close to their all time high of 49.5 cents in February 2007. The shares listed in August 2002 at 20 cents, and in […]

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China asks for international assistance and is set to spend billions of dollars on remediating “bad water”

July 31st, 2018 by Dr Sarah Groves

A recent article, published at states that “A total investment of more than 1 trillion yuan ($147.5 billion) is needed to treat black and odorous water bodies in China, and companies from all over the world are welcome to contribute, a senior environmental official said. Zhang Bo, director general of water quality management at […]

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