Company tests algae solution that could be both short- and long-term fix for Utah Lake


In recent years, rapid cyanobacteria growth has caused parts of Utah Lake to shut down for safety reasons. SePRO is one of two companies that began treatments on Utah Lake earlier this summer as part of a pilot program intended to combat blue-green algal growth.

SePRO has utilized three different proprietary technologies to clean Utah Lake: Phoslock, Pak 27, and SeClear Algaecide and Water Quality Enhancer.

“SePRO believes the source of the problem at Utah Lake lies in the phosphorus that is driving the algal growth throughout the lake,” Mike Pearce said. “We know the technologies work. We know that SeClear works, we know that Pak27 works, and we know that Phoslock works. But it is more about the process and developing that,” he said, which takes “proper assessment, a solid prescription, precise implementation and a full adaptive management plan.”

“Lake management, water quality management is a continual process”

In that way, the company’s treatments are very similar to those of doctors. First comes the checkup, then the prescription, which is followed by implementation.

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