From 2007 to 2020: Another successful Phoslock Application at West Lake, Perth

Image Source: Apex Envirocare

Image Source: Apex Envirocare

Over the course of the week starting October 5th, Phoslock completed a 20-tonne application in West Lake, Perth, WA. This marked Phoslock’s 15th application in the Narrows since 2007.  

West Lake is a 2.5 ha ornamental lake located within the Narrows Lakes Interchange – a collection of lakes next to Mitchell Freeway and near Kings Park escarpment. The City of Perth alongside the WA Department of Main Roads manage the Narrows Interchange area as parklands for passive recreation and tourism purposes. Over the years, West Lake has become recognised as a wildlife habitat and nesting ground for several protected species of native birds. It is also used for the irrigation of surrounding parklands so plays a vital role in the conservation of its respective ecosystems.

Management is constantly faced with challenges due to the location and nature of these lakes. West Lake in particular is exposed to continuous nutrient input from the catchment, water supply, and the birdlife. The ongoing external nutrient loading means that the now-treated Lake frequently experienced algal blooms. What would be required to maintain both the health of the eco-system and aesthetic value of the parklands, is the control the active phosphorus. This in turn mitigates the potential threat of toxic algae.     

To meet this challenge of excess phosphorus control, WA Department of Main Roads and City of Perth have sought out the best management strategies to help conserve this sensitive and invaluable ecosystem which relies on the health of these waterbodies. The goal of the ongoing management strategy is to convert West Lake from an algae-dominated waterbody to a native-macrophyte-dominated waterbody. Phoslock Environmental Technologies works closely alongside management to help achieve this goal, and has done so now for 13-years. We celebrate the shared ambition of restoring water quality and balance within the surrounding environment. 

With another successful application of Phoslock, Management hopes to see an overall improvement in the health and balance of the eco-system, with the continued flourishing of protected birdlife and aquatic species.

As the Southern Hemisphere marches into the warmer Summer months, threatening a spike in HABs, the timing of this application could not have been better.

The Narrows Interchange. Image source: ABC News