More than just a few dots on the landscape

Alarming rate of reported Algal blooms over the last 10 years highlighted on recent map from the Environmental Working Group.

A new report out by the Environmental Working Group (EWG) focusses attention on the reporting of over 300 algal blooms in the US so far this year and warns people heading out over the Labour Day weekend to be aware of potentially toxic algal blooms.

Whilst official figures show the number of reported blooms as lower than the same time last year this is largely thought to be due to the lack of monitoring taking place during the Coronavirus crisis.
This report has also been picked up by the UK’s Daily Mail.  Read their full article here.
As Phoslock Environmental Technologies continues to steadily expand its’ projects across the globe with the backing of solid, proven scientific results of our product, we aim to become a ‘go to’ choice for water authorities and lake & reservoir managers who seek to combat this ever increasing issue of lake eutrophication.  
A rising population, the subsequent urban growth and agricultural demand, together with climate change all in some way directly or indirectly affect the world’s water supply. We need to take care of it.
Phoslock removes excess phosphorus from aquatic systems, thereby improving water quality.  Elevated concentrations of phosphorus are the primary cause of undesirable changes to lake ecosystems, including the loss of aquatic plants and the increased incidence and severity of blue-green algal blooms.  Read more here.