Lake Lorene, USA

    Lake Lorene is an 8 acre lake located in Federal Way, Washington. The primary concern with the lake was the hyper-eutrophic status (phosphorus pollution), the potential for health impacts and death of fish and wildlife. The lake is bordered by a housing estate and parklands and has suffered from poor water quality caused by excess phosphorus levels (TP >100ppb). High phosphorus levels are directly attributed to urban runoff from fertilized parks and gardens.

    Phoslock was applied to the lake to address eutrophication issues and to restore water quality by reducing in-lake phosphorus pollution. The application was undertaken by the American company, Aquatechnex, LLC. The Phoslock application to Lake Lorene was scheduled for split applications over a two year period. The initial application (70% of the total) was conducted on June 11, 2012 and the remaining balance of Phoslock was applied on applied on April 22, 2013.

    One week following the 2012 Phoslock application, there was a 34% decrease (48.8 to 32.3 ppb) in the average concentration of Total Phosphorus (TP) and 24% decrease (29.3 to 22.4 ppb) reduction in Free Reactive Phosphorus (FRP). One month following the application, TP concentrations continued to decline to 32.3 ppb and FRP dropped to 9.3 ppb. The average 12 month TP concentration in Lake Lorene was 33.9 ppb. A improvement to water clarity resulted and there were no observed impacts to aquatic organisms after the application or over the monitoring period.