"PET (formally known as Phoslock Water Solutions) lodged a Subsequent Patent Application to the original CSIRO patent in March 2013 to protect the core “Phoslock”  technology. The examination and approval of the new patent is currently taking place in some 50 countries (all EU countries are covered by one examination). Each Patent Office has its own system of dealing with patents, including the speed at which it reviews patents and how comments are provided to applicants.

The Australia Patent was granted on April, 2018. Substantive comments have been received from the U.S. China and the European Patent Offices. Replies providing more information or clarification of technical issues have been provided and we are currently awaiting approval or further clarification requests.

The Patent Application affords PET significant IP protection with full rights backdated to March 2013 (unless the patent is not ultimately granted in a jurisdiction). The March 2013 patent would expire in March 2033."

  • PET Phoslock Patent (pending) 2013 to March 2033 - granted in Australia
  • Phoslock International TradeMark - Registered in 20 countries including China to 2026